Project DULCE

Developmental Understanding & Legal Collaboration for Everyone

DULCE is a universal, evidenced-based approach to embedding strengths-based, family-centered child health care within the network of available community supports during the critical first six months of life. DULCE proactively addresses social determinants of health and mitigates the risk factors for early life stress through the combined efforts of pediatric, legal, and early childhood providers. Starting with their baby’s very first routine healthcare visit, families develop a relationship with the DULCE Family Specialist that transforms the way families experience and navigate the delivery of supports and services within and beyond the medical home.

The DULCE intervention incorporates a protective factors approach and draws on and incorporates components of the Medical-Legal Partnership model to ensure that families have access to the resources they need. DULCE currently operates in six clinical sites, working in partnership with early childhood system-building organizations and legal partners in the following five counties: Lamoille County, VT, Palm Beach County, FL, Alameda County, CA, Los Angeles County, CA, and Orange County, CA.

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